Honda cooling and healing service

Honda Suspension Service Dubai

At Honda Service, we are committed to providing top quality honda service in Dubai to help you to maintain your car's life and keep you on the road. Our trusted honda servicing expert team will provide you with a straightforward and honest service every time.

Honda wheel balancing

Wheel Balancing is vital for your car as if your vehicle is out of balance that may cause you to shake or vibrate at the time of driving. It will your unpleasant and can also cause you significant injuries if you don't service on time. Majorly this is due to when you distribute uneven weight. Maintaining the balance of your wheels will help you to extend the life of your tires. So, it is a good idea if you keep checking with your service technician

Honda suspension alignment

A suspension alignment should be done when it is determined that it is needed. Commonly this service is performed by making adjustments to your vehicle's suspension components to ensure that the tires are as close to perpendicular to the road and parallel to each other as possible within Honda's alignment specifications. Commonly, external forces are what can cause wheels to come out of alignment, including hitting a pothole or curb. Make sure that your wheel alignment is done correctly for your safety.

Honda suspension checkup and upgrade

Our vehicle's suspension system is something we often take for granted so we should always check our suspension monthly. Generally, we people mistakenly believe the suspension is mainly about having a smooth ride, and that's why they don't consider it as an issue. But in reality, having a bad suspension can greatly affect your ability to control the vehicle, especially when stopping or turning. Just keep in mind the following points that will tell you that your suspension needs to be repaired.

  • Car rides roughly
  • Drifting or pulling during turns
  • Dips or "nose dives" when stopping
  • Uneven tire treads
  • Damaged, "oily" shocks